Hayleys Engineering has been the premier name in providing industrial water pumps in Sri Lanka for all purposes for over three decades as one of the leading engineering companies in Sri Lanka. With a large variety of industrial pumps of all sizes and capacities to efficiently manage water, Hayleys Engineering offers its customers the most cost-effective and convenient solutions to buy industrial pumps in Sri Lanka. With the aim of continually going above and beyond the expectations of our customers, we offer high quality industrial water pumps in Sri Lanka for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, ground water supply, domestic water supply, wastewater, industrial applications, dosing and disinfection, renewable energy systems & motors.


Circulation pumps for water circulation in central and district heating systems, and circulation in domestic hot water systems in Sri Lanka.

Air conditioning

Circulator pumps for circulation of cold water and other liquids in cooling and air conditioning systems.

Pressure boosting

Vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps and pressure boosting systems for liquid transfer and boosting of hot water and cold water.

Ground Water supply

Submersible water pumps for ground water supply irrigation and ground water lowering.

Domestic Water Supply

Submersible water pumps, jet pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps and compact systems for water supply in homes, gardens and hobby applications.

Waste Water

Drainage, effluent and sewage pumps for wide range of applications in building services as well as transfer of raw sewage in municipal sewage systems.

Industrial applications

Pumps and pumps systems installation in industrial processes, industrial equipment and building utilities.

Dosing and disinfection

Dosing pumps for chemical injection in all kind of water and waste water treatment systems and industrial processes.

Renewable Energy Systems

Durable industrial pumps to be utilized in the installation and activation of solar and wind system projects in Sri Lanka.


Motors designed to international standards as well as submersible motors.