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Leading Sri Lankan Pigment Emulsion exporter for Bangladesh

Haycolour is the leading color solution provider in Sri Lanka for Textile Printing & Dying, Rubber & Latex, Printing Inks and Non-Textile Industries; Started in 1980 (A presence of more than 40 year) Manufacture and Export of Pigment Emulsions to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia and Philippines.


Through Haycolour we are currently supplying water based dispersion colors with fine particles, specifically manufactured for the textile printing industry to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Bangladesh being the most prominent market out of all, Haycolour is the market leader in the current Bangladeshi printing market where we are supplying pigment emulsions for over 20 years.

Haycolour Manufacturing Facility

Through our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Kalutara, Sri Lanka, with total manufacturing capacity of over 60MT per month we are developing color solutions within all eco compliance with international buyer requirements and regulations.

Our History

Production of high quality pigment emulsion

Haycolour produces high quality pigment emulsion under International Standards.

Milling Process of Pigment Emulsion - image
Milling Process of Pigment Emulsion till we get high quality fine particles.
Haycolour Factory

Factory View of the Haycolour Factory.

image of the Final Quality Assurance process

Final Quality Assurance process before export to the customer.

Haycolour Factory - 1980

Final Planning stage of Haycolour Factory - 1980.

Colonel Matthias, the project manager of Haycolour Factory construction handing over the foundation stone - 1981.

Haycolour Factory - 1981

In between the construction process of Haycolour Factory - 1981.

Haycolour factory in 1981

Colonel Matthias, the project manager of Haycolour Factory construction handing over the foundation stone - 1981.

Formal Chairman Mr. D.S. Jayasundera & Colour Chem India Chairman lighting the traditional oil lamp.

Hayleys & Color Chem team inspecting the Haycolour factory premises after the opening ceremony.


Haycolour was awarded by National Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka for its outstanding performance in 2008 (Bronze) & 2009 (Gold)

Applicable Industries


Textile & Clothing

latex and rubber

Latex & Rubber



coir printing and dyeing

Coir Printing & Dyeing

indoor paints

Indoor Paints

artistic colors

Artistic Colors

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