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Hydropower Sri Lanka

Hydro power, simply put is the generation of electricity with the help of the force of fast moving or falling water. It is another emerging source of renewable energy in Sri Lanka that is being widely used for a variety of purposes due to its undeniable cost-benefit ratio.

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Wind Power Sri Lanka

Wind power is produced by harvesting the wind's energy with the help of turbines which convert the wind's kinetic energy into mechanical power. A growing source of renewable energy in Sri Lanka, wind power provides a clean source of power and is a great alternative to burning harmful fossil fuels.

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Our Story


Did you know that the Hayleys Group is one of the largest employers of the private sector in Sri Lanka? Hayleys Aventura may just be one cluster within it, but we are working on making a large impact!

At Hayleys Aventura, we believe in working smart and playing hard. With excellent, committed and passionate people, backed up by challenging yet compelling work, Hayleys Aventura offers a fun and inspiring environment of endless possibilities along with exceptional career development and growth.
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