Wind power in Sri Lanka

Apart from solar power and hydro power, Hayleys Aventura also focuses on harvesting another clean, plentiful and free source of renewable energy in Sri Lanka: wind. Converting the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power via wind turbines, Hayleys Aventura is all about producing energy for the country the responsible way by generating wind power in Sri Lanka.

With wind plants in Kalpitiya and the Northern Peninsula, Hayleys Aventura aims to lead the other wind power companies in Sri Lanka and assist the country’s ambition of becoming a green energy producer, as well as by lowering its average electricity costs, and meeting its energy demands. Following are the plants that produce Wind Power in Sri Lanka established by Hayleys Aventura:

  • Nirmalapura Wind Power Plant
  • Joule & Beta Wind Power Plant

Nirmalapura 10MW Wind Plant

Commissioned in 2011 in Kalpitiya, 168km North West of Colombo. This plant has the capacity to a maximum of 10 MW depending on the wind seasons.

Joule & Beta 20MW Wind Plant

Commissioned in 2014 in the Northern Peninsula, 400 KM from Colombo. It is strategically positioned to capture the two wind seasons of the country.

Nirmalapura Wind Power Plant

: 2011

: Kalpitiya [125 km north of Colombo]

: 10 MW

: 7Nos of 1.5 MW

Type Of Terbine
: Regen - Gearless

Expected Annual generation
: 35 GWh

Joule & Beta Wind Power Plant

: 2014

: Pallay, Jaffna

: 20 Mw

: 16

Expectedannual generation
: 70 MnKWh