Solar Power in Sri Lanka

The harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment are undeniable, and thus the world is moving towards cleaner, more environmentally friendly sources of energy that are constantly replenished and those with endless supplies that will never run out. Solar power, the transformation of energy from sunlight into electricity, is one of the world’s oldest energy sources, and is one source of renewable energy in Sri Lanka that is readily and abundantly available, being blessed with sunshine year round.

Hayleys Aventura is dedicated to pioneering the commercialization of solar power generating plants with the help of German technology, aiming to become a leading service provider for solar power in Sri Lanka, and stand at the forefront of all solar power companies in Sri Lanka. The goal is to support the national energy requirement by supplying the nation grid, bringing down the cost of electricity per household, and thus assisting in transforming the nation into a green energy producer.

The commissioning of the 10 megawatt (MW) Welikande Solar Power Plant in 2017, funded by the Hayleys Group and Windforce Private Ltd would mean the generation of electricity for approximately 10,000 homes on the island, in addition to contributing 22,000 MW hours to the national grid.

In fact, according to Sri Lanka’s energy sector development plan, with the increase of solar power in Sri Lanka, by 2030, the island is expected to become self-sufficient in renewable energy sources.