MV System

The MV (Medium Voltage) business unit of Hayleys Industrial Solutions provides safe, reliable and smart power distribution systems in Sri Lanka for a diverse range of utility, industrial and commercial applications. Hayleys Industrial Solutions has partnered with the world’s leading brands incorporating proven, world-renowned technologies, to allow us to provide high-integrated power distribution and medium voltage solutions and the finest aftermarket services in Sri Lanka. With continuous development and innovation, we strive to ensure that our Medium Voltage products are the most efficient, for reliable operation of power distribution systems, covering the entire product spectrum, ranging from transformers, switchgears, breakers, busbar systems and vacuum contactors. Hayleys Industrial Solutions also provides services for medium voltage testing in Sri Lanka.

Medium Voltage Power Distribution Systems (3.3 KV to 33 KV)


  • Dry- type Transformers
  • Medium Distribution Transformers
  • Air insulated switchgear
  • Ring Mani Units
  • SF6 Breakers
  • Relays
  • MV/HT underground cables


  • Design of medium voltage switch yard.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of medium voltage switch yard solutions.
  • Servicing of transformers and medium voltage switch gear panels.
  • Supply of MV/HT underground cables and accessories.
  • Erection work of medium voltage equipment.