Hayleys Lifesciences

Hayleys Lifesciences is one of the prime suppliers of imaging and information & analytical equipment in the island. We procure and provide state of the art imaging equipment to the healthcare,printing and analytical industry as well as scientific equipment to laboratories, institutions and testing bodies across Sri Lanka. We also provide top notch after sales services for all the equipment across the board.

Medical Equipment

Providing all-encompassing equipment solutions to the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka, especially the Radiology, Surgical Care, and Critical Care departments, in addition to equipment maintenance.

Analytical Equipment

Providing high quality analytical and scientific equipment to laboratories, institutions and testing bodies in Sri Lanka as well as after sales service and maintenance of these analytical, scientific, and testing equipment. The company specialises in designing & delivery of laboratories, especially to the newly emerging pharmaceutical industry.

Be the Foremost & Preferred Provider of High Quality Equipment, Consumables & Services to Improve the Quality of Life of the People and Environment

Hayleys Lifesciences as a unit focuses on supplying medical, analytical and imaging equipment and consumables needs of the country. We provide state of the art medical diagnostic and imaging equipment to the healthcare sector, from mobile x-rays to CT/MRI scanners, along with top quality scientific equipment and innovative analytical solutions, including laboratory equipment, analytical balancers. We also provide high quality after sales services for all encompassing equipment.

Hayleys Lifesciences exclusively represent the following principals in Sri Lanka:

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Imaging & Information

With the Integration of Imaging & Information division, we are now also involved with supplying equipment and services to the imaging industry, being the sole distributor for the world renowned brand FujiFilm in Sri Lanka. From top of the range cameras and photo machines, to beginning to end solutions in imaging at photo imaging studio and photo lab ‘Café Pixel’, we meet the demands of Sri Lanka’s photographic industry with flying colours.

Imaging & Information

Supplying high quality state-of-the art equipment to Sri Lanka’s imaging industry. Offering all-encompassing imaging needs from high-end cameras to quick photo print services at ‘Café Pixel’. Sole distributor for FujiFilm on the Island.