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Hayleys Aventura is a reliable and trusted distributor of Hyster machinery in Sri Lanka, offering high-quality industrial equipment such as forklifts. Two such forklifts that they distribute are the 2.5-ton and 3-ton diesel forklifts, both with 4500mm 3 stage full free lift mast that is suitable for container applications.

The 2.5-ton diesel forklift is powered by a Yanmar 2.61 diesel engine, which is known for its fuel efficiency and low emissions. It is a versatile machine that can lift up to 2.5 tons of weight, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

On the other hand, the 3-ton diesel forklift has a more powerful Yanmar 3.3L diesel engine, also made in Japan, that can handle heavier loads. It has the same 4500mm 3 stage full free lift mast as the 2.5-ton model, making it well-suited for container applications as well.

Both forklifts are reliable and durable, with full free lift masts that allow for higher lifting while maintaining a lower overall height. This makes them easier to operate in tight spaces, such as in warehouses and container yards.

Overall, Hayleys Aventura’s distribution of these Hyster forklifts in Sri Lanka provides businesses with reliable and high-quality equipment to improve their productivity and efficiency.

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