Hayleys Aventura CSR & Sustainability

Hayleys Aventura is a highly trusted name and industrial solutions provider in Sri Lanka and further, as part of the renowned Hayleys Group - a multinational diversified conglomerate that is known to be one of the largest employers of the private sector in Sri Lanka, we have a responsibility to uphold our name to the highest of standards by ensuring a positive social, economic and environmental impact for the company and the country, while ensuring continual growth as an entity. By being proactive about the work we do and acknowledging its effects as well as significant environmental impacts, and therefore putting together practices to prevent, reduce and mitigate them, we are always mindful about our roots and our community and are committed to ensuring a better tomorrow for all.

Economic Sustainability

While we are always seeking continual company growth, we also take into consideration the damaging effects it could have on the economy, environment and society, and thus implementing steps for the sustainable procurement of goods and services. Being conscious of cultural sensitivities, as well as complying with local legislation, and legal regulations are just a few ways we make sure our economic growth balances out with a sustainable future.

Environmental Sustainability

At Hayleys Aventura we are so passionate about the environment; we even have a whole sector centred on renewable energy in Sri Lanka! Taking the resources we have for granted is a mistake we all make as humans, but what we do not realize is that many of these resources are not unlimited. Here we take any necessary steps to minimise the use of primary raw materials, in turn lowering greenhouse gas emissions from our company operations. With any of the construction and maintenance projects that we undertake, we encourage sustainable practices and ensure our physical impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is a motto that we live and work by.

Social Sustainability

Hayleys Aventura would be nothing without our workforce, the people who make our day-to-day operations their priority each and every day. We therefore strive to establish a wholesome workplace environment with our priorities being employee health and safety along with the development of their communities and environment protection. From putting in place anti-discrimination policies to offering a place for them to voice their concerns, to carrying out various social welfare projects, we prioritize social responsibility together with maintaining a healthy balance with being responsible environmental citizens.

There are numerous strategic and impactful sustainable initiatives that the Hayleys Group as a whole has undertaken, such as drives to eradicate Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Dengue, which not only benefit our workforce, but the entire community. Other activities include donating a state of the art modern two storied building for the youth of the area for vocational training, and other social welfare and infrastructure development activities to uplift the living standards of remote villages.

At the workplace, mobile eye camps are conducted as an initiative towards maintaining healthy vision and promoting the health and extended well-being of our workforce.

Protecting Our People

We at Hayleys Aventura are focused on ensuring that our human capital, who are the major stakeholders in our day-to-day operations, are thought of and their welfare is prioritized.

Mobile eye camps are being conducted in order to promote the health and well being of our team members as an initiative towards maintaining healthy vision. A community project was also undertaken to increase awareness and step up the eradication of dengue. These types of events are part of the health and wellness drive of Hayleys Aventura, focusing on awareness, the development of staff health, curtailing risks and the initiatives to contribute to the good health of overall operations.

Workplace Safety

All our workstations and workshops are operated with a prime focus in maintaining safety first and foremost, where each and every employee is given sessions in how to function safely within their operational spheres. The main elements of safety practices followed by us can be briefed as follows:

How safety is put in practice at Aventura: