Hayleys Applitek

Hayleys Applitek provides innovative raw material solutions to diverse B2B industries involved in food, cosmetics, rubber, plastic, paint, coatings, and construction. We are also involved in providing complete solutions, including technical solutions laboratory testing in addition to comprehensive after sales services.

Food Material

Providing complete commercial and technical solutions by sourcing premium quality raw materials for all sectors within the food & beverage industry. Product offerings include flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, acids, emulsifiers, protein supplements and more. The materials put into the local market are regulated and audited by registered MNCs.

Plastic & Resins

Supplying the plastic manufacturing industry with cost effective solutions for superior quality raw materials, in addition to top grade resins. Product offerings include a variety of polystyrene, polycarbonate, plastic additives, silicone, PVC stabilisers, ABS & PVC compounds and so on.

Paint Chemicals

Supplying high grade raw materials to the Coatings, Ink, Polyurethane (PU) and Latex industries, and offering all-inclusive technical support and solutions. Products offered range from pigments, polyol, synthetic latex, polyurethane hardeners, to polyurethanes & acrylic binders, additives and toluene di-Isocyanates. 90% of the supplied materials are Eco-Friendly Green products.

Construction Material

Offering all-encompassing raw material solutions to the construction industry. Addressing a niche market with high grade products such as additives for cement & concrete, flooring, and water proofing, as well as the only polycarbonate sheet in the market with an impressive 10 year warranty.

Cosmetics and Detergent Material

Leading Personal Care, Home Care and Oral Care industry suppliers in Sri Lanka. Offering tailor-made solutions and top notch customized support. Offering products like fragrances, solvents, emulsifiers, antioxidants, cooling agents, detergent enzymes and so on. Coordinating new projects and product developments successfully with industry suppliers and customers.

Rubber Chemicals

Prominent Rubber Chemicals and Synthetic Polymers supplier and marketer in Sri Lanka. Offering unmatched product quality and consistency, as well as complying with legislations. Products offered include rubber accelerators, fillers, anti-tack agents, rubber antioxidants, activators, synthetic rubber, specialty rubber chemicals and silicone rubber.

We Primarily Serve the B2B Sector Covering a Wide Range of Industries by Providing Innovative Yet Practical Solutions.

Serving the B2B industry, Hayleys Applitek is a renowned supplier of top quality raw materials to diverse manufacturing industries, such as the Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Detergents, Plastics, Rubber, Paint, Latex and Construction industries. Offering innovative ideas and practical tailor-made solutions along with smart implementation we aim to be the premier brand for the B2B market in the country.

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