Hayleys Haycolour

Hayleys Haycolour is a leading eco-friendly colour solutions supplier in Sri Lanka to the textile colouring and non-textile industries. We also handle the manufacturing and exporting of pigment emulsions to numerous other Asian regions. All our products have been Eco Passport approved.

Textile Chemicals & Colorants

Providing eco-friendly colouring and garment printing solutions to the textile industry, in Sri Lanka and abroad. We offer a number of dyes, pigment emulsions and powders, printing auxiliaries as well as processing chemicals for washing and dyeing.

Non Textile Colorants & Materials

Offering colouring solutions for non textile based applications locally and abroad. We supply eco-friendly colour solutions to industries in the Rubber, Latex, Food, and Cosmetics fields.

Involved in Offering Building Infrastructure Management Solutions

With a presence of over 30 years, Hayleys Haycolour is the leading colour solutions provider in Sri Lanka and numerous other neighbouring Asian countries for textile and non textile based applications. In addition to this, we also engage in manufacturing and exporting of pigment emulsions to the Asian region. With all our products being Eco Passport approved we are proud to say that we meet all international buyer requirements and regulations.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, the Haycolour factory in Kalutara, Sri Lanka, has a total manufacturing capacity of over 60MT per month.

At Hayleys Haycolour, some of our principles include:

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